Thursday, April 29, 2010

Secret Pleasures Not For Public Viewing

I bet you were wondering what on earth this was going to be about!

Well, that's what Mother Meg says about her biscuits - and I think I get what she means. They are oh so delicious. Last July, when Mrs. G. and Nole came to Sydney, Mrs. G and I scoured through the food hall of David Jones on Market Street. As you know, food window shopping is one of our greatest pleasures in life. So, we chanced on a pack of biscuits: Mother Meg's Pecorino Cheese and Green Olive. They were incredibly yummy bite sized biscuits with the just the right crisp, and wow, could you taste the cheese and olives in them. You can tell they don't scrimp on ingredients, these biscuits are bursting with flavor. As the package reads: when making biscuits, precise measurements are vital, after all - it's chemistry! If this is her idea of chemistry, then I'm all for it! I guess that's why I'll never be an excellent baker, I just don't have the patience for precise measurements. But Mother Meg - she's obviously precise and has mastered the ionic bonding between her green olives and pecorino cheese. And guess what, she uses all organic ingredients - from the whole wheat flour to the egg yolks and everything else in between.

Don't you just love her packaging too? The copy on it is so entertaining: Guaranteed to bring squeals of delight to those you love! So, Mrs. G, Nole, Mr. P and I are avid fans of cheese.  Though there were no squeals, (imagine Nole squealing?!) we were delighted. 

On that note, I will end with this last Mother Meg quote: Savoury treats are not wicked, nor are they sinful - they are there to be enjoyed. Sure Mother Meg, we enjoyed them, but based on the buttery goodness, I'll have to disagree with you on the sinful part. But your biscuits are well worth it.

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