About Us

We're letting you in on a correspondence between two great friends, bonded by their many food adventures that are too many to count. From Sydney to San Francisco, to Manila and everywhere in between, this is where they document kitchen experiments, market discoveries and anything related to their love for making and eating great food.

Mireille now lives in Sydney. She just moved there recently and is embracing her inner domestic goddess by scoping out the local markets and whipping up delicious meals for she and Mr. P to enjoy together. Rumor has it, Mr. P has never been this well-fed since she moved.

Trin the gourmetbee, on the other hand lives in San Francisco. Aside from her Mr. Bee, she has two more baby Bee's to feed. Lucky for them she has a great repertoire of recipes under her sleeve so there's always something new to try other than honey.

Both friends are passionate about healthy and sustainable food as reflected by their use of fresh and natural ingredients to make sure the tummies they feed are always happy.