Thursday, May 20, 2010

Blue Veins

So... did I ever tell you what a cheese monster Mr. P is? He is crazy about cheese. Between him and I, we consume so much of it and are always looking to try new varieties. Well, recently Coles had a sale. Buy 1 block of Mainland Special Reserve Premium Blue Cheese and Get 1 block of Special Reserve Gruyere Cheese. What a deal right?

The Gruyere was good. Milder than the Gruyere I'm used to but yummy nonetheless. The Blue Cheese was the one that surprised us. It was so SUPER good! Creamy, bitey goodness with a hint of nuttiness. It had a distinct flavor that is not typical of the standard fare.

We've had it in so many ways already. First with a glass of Riesling, next with the salad below and last, with a home made burger. In all instances the flavors blended together so harmoniously in our mouths.

I hope you get to try it. Cheers!

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